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{June 14, 2012}   iliveisl

i write at http://iliveisl.com

mainly about OpenSim and my work for http://enclaveharbour.com =)

{February 9, 2009}   7 things about blah blah blah me

so let’s see, in response to a meme thing (sit tight, fascination is about to be born) :p

1. i like butterflies
2. i love sushi
3. my french blows
4. i think i can fly irl
5. i love cooking
6. i like the Queen
7. i can drive a firetruck

shoot, do i have to tag 7 peeps? Lord almighty . . .

1. Queen Elizabeth
2. Philip Rosedale
3. Mike Shinoda
4. Angus Young
5. Buttercup
6. Janeane Garofalo
7. Alannis Morrisette

{January 3, 2008}   Hello world!

Hey! I forgot I had this! So hello all and i actually kinda run the blog for iliveisl.

et cetera

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